On Monday, Jan. 28, a showing of the 2018 documentary, “Dark Money” was presented in the McCaskey Lyceum. The viewing shed light on how money from corporations is assisting candidates in political elections in today’s society, but people from Montana had taken a stand in court to make sure financial corruption was banned from their state.

Both the Wartburg Republicans and Wartburg Democrats sponsored the showing with the initiative push by Wartburg alumni, Alex Hohensee.

“For the community of Waverly, even though this is a small microcosm, it’s prominent throughout the nation,” Hohensee said. “At this point based on the documentary, anything can be said or done to largely affect an individual candidate negatively. Simply because they don’t fit the views of certain individuals or groups because they are more fighting for the people instead of them.”

Hohensee is looking to present the movie for a second viewing, and will have details in the near future.

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