Dr. Lindell has been a history professor for 36 years. He has recently been appointed to be an at-large board member for the board of trustees for the state historical society of Iowa; a position in which he is both qualified and excited to fill.

“Last fall I got an email from a former student of mine, somebody who took a history class from me probably 30 years ago,” Lindell said. “He was a high school student in Waverly at the time. He didn’t come to Wartburg to major in history, but he moved on to other things. He is now an aid to the Governor. Their was an opening on the board of trustees that needed to be filled.”

“And Dan Walter was his name asked me if I was interested in putting my hat in the ring for that. I thought about it for a bit. I decided yes I would. And then early in January, I received an appointment from the Governor, to fill out a three year term that someone had resigned from. Their are some positions for specific areas. For the specific congressional districts. For example my appointment is for an at-large position. And Iowa Law specifies that two of the at-large positions should go to people who are college and university professors of history.”

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