Applications for student body president, vice president, recorder and treasurer, all a part of Wartburg’s Student Senate, were due on Jan. 28. Student Senate helps resolve student issues, works to create a peaceful environment between students and Wartburg College and gives students leadership roles.

Third-year students Yusra Malik and Emma Williams and Darren Kilpatrick and Brett Kelting are two pairs running for student body president and vice president.

Grace Greving, a second-year actuarial science and graphic design double-major, and Jordan Flaherty, a third-year accounting and business administration double-major, are seeking reelection as recorder and treasurer, respectively.

“I decided to run for Student Senate during my first year at Wartburg because I was interested in getting involved with a leadership position and student government,” Flaherty said. “[As treasurer] I am responsible for anything related to senate funding. This includes but is not limited to directing the general budget, helping student organizations with allocations, chairing the budget review committee, and handling supplemental requests.”

In addition to elected positions, administrative ombudsperson, academic ombudsperson, public relations director and executive assistant for diversity are appointed positions. There are also 47 elected general senators who are voices for specific populations at Wartburg, and members are elected each year.

“I view my position of recorder as one of the most influential ways that I can be a liaison for communication between our students, administration, and faculty and staff,” Greving said. “I want the opportunity to represent the student body’s viewpoints, making sure everyone feels heard.”

Members of the senate represent the Wartburg community. Issues addressed by the senate are suggestions, and there is not always a change made. However, the resolutions made by the senate are influential to administration. These members use experienced leadership skills to make possible changes that are in the best interest for Wartburg students.

Students are able to reach out to senate to resolve issues through email, during executive’s office hours or during senate meetings, which are held at 11:30 a.m. Thursdays in Room 214 of the Whitehouse Business Center.

The meetings are open to the general public. To learn more about Student Senate, go to Student-Senate.

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