The Noah Health Clinic, which is located on the ground floor of The W, is a clinic of the Waverly Health Center. Nurses and receptionists are all employed by the Waverly Health Center. The contract with Wartburg provides service available to students, faculty and staff.

In order to improve health, students are encouraged to get enough sleep, have a healthy diet, drink enough water, wash hands and use the hand sanitizer stations that are available on campus, according to Megan McMillin, physician assistant (PA).

“We can do vaccines and immunizations that you need such as flu shots,” McMillin said. “We can also do sports physicals here. If there is something we can’t quite handle or if it’s a little bit above our abilities here, we are able to referral you to usually somebody in the Waverly Health Center that can then help with whatever those things are.”

Electronic medical records are used. This means medical records can be transferred to another hospital or facility for treatment. The system aids in the continuity of care and communication between different providers for patients.

“We are working at getting more access to the patients to have online scheduling where they can go to our website and set up an
appointment and check you records that way,” McMillan said. “That’s just another thing technology is coming up with to help things be a little easier for you.”

McMillin has worked as a PA since 1999. She said she has improved and learned a lot from when she first started.

“I think that the biggest thing for me is that I want to have a relationship with my patients. So just taken the time of just getting to know you guys and giving extra TLC when it’s needed or a little extra care,” McMillin said. “I know a lot of [students] all are away from home and if you are sick, and your parents aren’t here, and you don’t know what to do. We just try to be as nurturing as we can.”

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