The Castle, Wartburg College’s official biannual literary magazine, is a student-run publication designed to encourage interest in writing, art and photography.

The Castle is published once in Fall Term, typically early in December, and once in Winter Term, usually in early April. The magazine began in 1948, and its mission is to publish diverse student voices for the community to enjoy, according the Wartburg website.

“The Castle showcases Wartburg Student’s creativity. From poetry, art, and creative nonfiction, it is a studentled project made for students to enjoy,” Lindsey Jacobs, third-year English major and head editor of the Castle, said.

“It’s also a great way to introduce students and student editors to the publishing industry, as we work closely with authors and the printing service.”

After not publishing during the 2018-19 academic year, the Castle, with Jacobs as the head editor, released an edition in fall 2019 and are working on the spring 2020 edition, which they are now accepting submissions for.

“The stranger, the better,” Jacobs said. “We have poetry, short stories and creative nonfiction pieces, and past editions have featured photography and screenplays. Also new this year, we are actually hosting a cover art competition for artists to submit their work to become the cover of the winter 2020 Edition.”

Students who submit their work to the Castle benefit not only by seeing the work published and printed, but they get to experience the editing and publication process, according to Jacobs.

“We work with them on polishing their submissions and overall it’s a really cool experience,” Jacobs said. “It also looks good on a resume, and having your work online and in a book forever is just really, really special.” Jacobs and five other student editors work to create the Castle.

“It’s just so amazing to see the creative capabilities of my fellow classmates. Each piece has such a distinctive voice and point of view,” Jacobs said. “However, for this specific edition, I’m very excited to see if we receive any cover art or graphic novel submissions.”

The deadline for submissions for the Spring 2020 edition of the Castle is Feb. 21. Pieces can be submitted at the-castle/. To stay up-to-date on contests and other announcements, follow the Castle on Instagram at @wc_ thecastle.

For more information, contact Jacobs at lindsey.jacobs@



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