Internships can provide immense growth for Wartburg students. The Des Moines Urban Studies program and Wartburg West, as two off campus options, offer students opportunities to gain independence and grow professionally.

The domestic program offers an enormous number of internships related to specific majors or future professions. Wartburg West in Denver, Colorado is the longest running program and has operated for more than 35 years. Students can complete an internship in their major, student teach or can do a final social work practicum.

Up to 20 students per semester can be selected to participate in each of the two programs, according to Jo Dorrance, internship and Wartburg West coordinator.

“It helped them with their vocational surge,” Dorrance said. “Students thought they knew what they wanted to do; then they went to a high-level internship in Denver and they’ve come away saying that they absolutely know they want to do what they thought.”

In order to apply for either program, students must submit an application form, cover letter, resume and two letters of recommendation from Wartburg faculty.

“My work with the daily volunteer groups quickly became my favorite part of the internship,” Gradon Fangman, a fourth-year biology major who participated in the Wartburg West summer program, said. “Like a lot of non-profit organizations, Project C.U.R.E. relies heavily on volunteers and it was fun to work with all of the people that were donating their time to help others in need.”

Students who complete an internship are 90% to gain employment, according to Dorrance.

“I think it is important to gain internship experience because it exposes you to the world outside of academics,” Fangman said. “You can apply things that you learned in class to your internship. It can help you realize that the information and skills gained in classes at Wartburg are beneficial to life after college.”

Students will have a chance to connect with Iowa businesses for potential jobs and internships at the Career Expo from 11:302 p.m., Feb. 25, in the Hall of Champions in the Wartburg-Waverly Sports & Wellness Center.

For more information about the Des Moines Urban Studies program, go to dsm/. or for information about Wartburg West, go to wartburg. edu/west/.







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