The Castle Jesters is currently a small group of students independently meeting to practice improvisation, a style of extemporaneous comedic performance.

The Castle Jesters are currently in the process of becoming an approved organization through Wartburg Student Senate. That process includes creating a constitution and growing the number of participants. Keith Castillo, president of the organization and first-year student, enjoys improv because of its unpredictability.

“Improv has its way of surprise and being unexpected of what you wanted,” Castillo said. Although it is a small group, the Castle Jesters is seeking new members. Comfortability with improvisation is not required to join.

“Not everyone is going to jump in right away because everyone has a different personality,” Castillo said. “What I want is for other people to enjoy the things that we can work for together.”

Teamwork and the camaraderie among performers are Castillo’s favorite parts about improv. The group meets weekly in the Clinton classroom to participate in acting workshops and practice performing.

The group hopes to perform an improv show, which will be open to the student body, by the end of the academic year.

For more information about the Castle Jesters, contact Castillo at keith.castillo@wartburg. edu.

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