At the annual Ramen festival, students competed in the spicy ramen eating contest. The last person standing out of 20 was, Yusuf Saadu, a fourth-year economics and business administration double-major from Nigeria.

Asian Student Association (ASA) held the organization’s second annual event on Saturday, Feb. 1. Ramen ranged from places like Thailand, Japan, China, and more.

“The event is important because it is a part of Asian people’s lives, but we don’t only eat ramen,” Namleng Sina, ASA vice president and third-year student from Cambodia, said. “We want to share our views, values, and perspectives and understanding of our cultures. The event is very fun and it is an opportunity for the Wartburg community to engage and have fun together.”

The large turnout last year aided the organization in deciding to continue with the festival.

“It’s really fun and turns out everybody loves ramen, and it’s just a fun event,” Anshika Singh, ASA president, said. “I think seeing the success of this event they [the executive team] will continue it in the next upcoming years.”

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