A mock presidential caucus will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday evening, Jan. 30 in the St. Elizabeth Ballroom on the Wartburg Campus. This event is open to Wartburg students and to the public. The event is designed to provide information on Iowa’s first in the nation caucus.

Topics include the purpose of a caucus, how a caucus differs from a primary and the importance of Iowa’s first in the nation caucus. Participants will also learn how to find their caucus site and how to register to attend the Feb. 3 presidential caucus.

Participants will then be led through an actual caucus. The event is not intended to promote any particular candidate or party so rather than choosing presidential candidates the caucus participants will caucus for a favorite planet.

Because of the interest in the Democratic party caucus this year and the rather complex math calculations used by the Democrats, the “planetary” mock caucus will use the procedures that will be used in the Democratic party caucus.

Although the event will not promote any particular candidate, presidential campaigns active in Iowa have been invited to have tables at the caucus providing information about the various candidates.



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