Several potential Democrats are in the running for the 2020 presidential race, and each seem to be targeting Iowa college students. In preparation for the caucuses, the Wartburg Democrats are holding a mock caucus on Jan. 30.

“A mock caucus is needed to not only share an understanding as to what a caucus is and what will be taking place, but it’s also an important part of the democractic process,” Wyatt Hintermeister, third-year political science, international relations and Spanish major and president of the Wartburg Democrats said. “There is also a chance to bring up important issues within the community so that citizens can address where improvement is needed.”


Iowa college students, even students whose permanent address is out-of-state, can register to vote in the upcoming Iowa Caucus on Feb. 3, according to the Iowa Secretary of State website.

The 2020 democratic presidential contenders hope to turn dissatisfaction with President Donald J. Trump on Iowa’s college campuses into votes on caucus night when small margins might separate the candidates, according to AP News.

Based on past votes and elections, college students have a far lower turnout than older adults, but in a time of government turmoil, possible 2020 election candidates are hoping for the successful pull of students that hold animosity towards the current president.

In 2016 the caucuses saw the second-highest youth, which includes college students, turnout in the last 20 years at 11.2%, according to the Des Moines Register.


Iowa college students who are permanent residents in the state of Iowa can register to vote using a permanent Iowa address. Students can register to vote as either a republican or democrat, or they can declare a party on the day of the caucuses.

Republican and democrat are currently the only parties recognized by the state of Iowa. Those who register as
independent cannot take part in the caucus, according to the Iowa Secretary of State website.

Out-of-state students whose permanent address is not in Iowa have to register to vote under their address at a dorm or apartment that they live in while at school to participate in the caucus.

Any students who are registered to vote in a different state or as an absentee ballot are not eligible to vote in the upcoming caucus and students who register to vote in the caucus are also required to vote in Iowa as a part of the primary elections, according to the Iowa Secretary of State website.

Students can register to vote at with an Iowa driver’s license or identification card. If students do not want to register online or are from out of the state and do not have any Iowa identification card, there is a form to register by mail on the website. For more information go to

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