A new protocol concerning armed subjects is available for Wartburg students at info. The protocol states that an armed subject is any person in possession of a gun, knife or any other dangerous weapon used in an unsafe manner.

The protocol is divided into sections in accordance to different situations, and gives tips on how to stay protected.

“I do believe that the majority of students that are here now, have been raised and been in high schools where they talked about armed subjects,” Jay Tommasin, director of Wartburg campus security and safety said. “A lot of students here now are in tune to and understand the concerns and the reasons why it’s important to have these protocols.”

According to Tommasin, conducting this protocol was an idea that had concerned him for a while, but now he is proud to present this new protocol to the Wartburg Community. “Here in Waverly we have the police department, we also have an emergency management coordinator and we’re also very lucky to have the Sheriff’s department here in Waverly,” Tommasin said.

“We do have a lot of resources, and it’s good to cooperate for certain issues.” In order to raise more awareness on safety at Wartburg, the security office has put up “See Something, Say Something” posters on campus.

The posters are placed to help students be prepared in case of an emergency. “Anytime that we can add knowledge to students that they’re aware of how we would follow a policy or protocol, it’s essential,” Vicky Green, security officer at Wartburg, said. “It makes them aware and that helps the officers know how to proceed and hopefully that would avoid any panic.”

Campus security can be contacted by radio telephone 9999 or 352-9999, office phone 8372 or at campus. To find the armed subject protocol or other safety plans, go to Security-Safety.



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