Wartburg College will be hosting an annual Fall Jazz Concert featuring the Knightliters at 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 17, in the McCaskey Lyceum. “I am very excited but also nervous for the fall jazz concert,” Simon Harding, director of the Knightliters, said. “I’m not just excited and nervous for myself, I am excited for the students and to see how they will perform during the concert. ”

The concert is not an accredited class, students volunteer to play in the band. The group meets once a week to practice. “I am excited to be apart of this concert,” Anna Galioto, third-year music education and music therapy double-major, said. “It is going to be a new and great experience for me when performing in the concert.”

Many of the members that are involved in the concert have been playing music a majority of their lives and joined the jazz group to continue to express that passion. “I’ve always loved music since I was a little kid,” Harding said. “I remember I was about seven years old listening to old classical music and just falling in love with music. I started playing the saxophone and later would learn to play the flute, after that I decided that I wanted to make music my life because of how much I love it.”

The jazz concert will feature a number of classical jazz songs, including “Feeling Good,” by Michael Blue, “Hey Burning,” by Count Basey, and “The Preacher,” by Horace Silver and many more. “The songs that we will perform are amazing,” Galioto said.

“They have a great flow and kind of makes me think about what it was like listening and dancing to this genre of music back in the day when it was so popular.” For more information on the jazz concert and the program, go to wartburg. edu/knightliters/.



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