Wartburg College ‘s Pinnacle, a campus musical ensemble is preparing for their upcoming concert, “Of Time and Space,” taking place at 7 pm Friday.

The ensemble was founded in 2017 by Wartburg College alumni Chris Hale and Nate Lang.

 In addition to singing contemporary and unique pieces, the ensemble is a lab choir, which means the group sings songs that have been composed by Wartburg College students. Any student can audition for the group.

“Pinnacle is a small, 16 voice ensemble that mainly focuses on avant-garde or experimental music of typically modern day,” Abree Russell, Pinnacle music director, said. “Pinnacle tends to focus more on the avant-garde, so stuff that includes overtone singing or weird vowel shapes or just experimental ways to use the voice.”

“If they can prove that they can sing this music we would be happy to take them,” John Hoehn, Pinnacle treasurer, said. “It doesn’t matter where they’ve come from, it doesn’t matter what they’ve done, we would just like to embrace them and welcome them into our family.”

Earlier in November, Pin and Tonic took place in the Chapel Commons. Pin and Tonic is an event put on by the ensemble that invited the community to take part in music, food, drink, and discussion. The event occurs in both terms prior to the Fall and Winter Term concerts.

“Pin and Tonic is a way for us to sit down and have a social conversation while presenting some of our pieces and hearing some solo voices from the group,” Russell said.

Pinnacle’s upcoming concert, Of Time and Space, is at 7 p.m., Friday, Nov. 15 in the Chapel. The event will showcase composers such as Meredith Monk, Vienna Teng and Vince Peterson.

For more information on Pinnacle, go to the group’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.




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