At first glance, Hulu’s new original Halloween movie, “Uncanny Annie,” seems like a stereotypical horror flick. It follows the same basic storyline as just about every other movie of its kind. A group of friends find an ominous board game, and despite several protests that it is a bad idea, the group plays anyway. 

The story centers around six friends and a harrowing adventure on Halloween night playing Uncanny Annie, a creepy version of truth or dare. After the first few rounds the gang discovers they’ve been transported inside the game, in a creepy way reminiscent of “Jumanji.” As the game continues, mysterious and frightening creatures begin to lurk, killing the players one by one. The game preys on their worst fears and takes out each player in the scariest way imaginable. 

To an avid horror movie watcher, the plot seems tired and unoriginal. However, the familiar plotline is saved by genuine surprise kills and downright terrifying villains. With twists, turns and unpredictable deaths the film essentially guarantees no one will predict its ending. Though the acting could have been better, the film makes good use of suspenseful music, minimal lighting and eerie sound effects to bring the fear of the characters directly to the viewer. 

As for the overall horror level, die hard horror fans probably won’t be jumping out of their seats. The film is definitely suited more for an easily frightened, first-time horror watcher. Though no matter the tolerance to fear, “Uncanny Annie” is an easy Friday night fright.

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