“Breaking Bad” is an incredibly popular show that follows Walter White, a chemistry teacher that turns to meth as a way to make money for his family after he is diagnosed with lung cancer. White teams up with a previous student of his, Jesse Pinkman, to create an enormous drug empire. “El Camino” came out on Netflix on Oct. 11, and it picks up where the series finale left off. 

The movie follows Jesse Pinkman in a collage of scenes that were left out of the story during the last few episodes “Breaking Bad.” Throughout the series, Walter and Jesse were the focus, whether it be their relationship and business partnership, disagreements and problems, or the tension that being together caused. 

The show was built on the issues between the two, but “El Camino” shows the audience what happens when it is just Jesse. The movie is missing the strain and strife between the iconic duo, and it is more of a conclusion or a send-off for Pinkman. It is less of a power-struggle story, but it still included the arc and videography that “Breaking Bad” was known for. Fans of “Breaking Bad” were very excited for the release of “El Camino,” after a very turbulent ending of the series. While the series had a narrative that kept the audience guessing, the movie is an end-all. Instead of keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, the love-hate relationship for all characters is not as prevalent in the movie. The nature of “El Camino” is a conclusion. This movie answers all previous questions and ends the story arc. It could have come in the form of extra episodes at the end of the last season, but that would have created a strange transition with switching the main character. “El Camino” doesn’t quite match the trademark twists and turns of the series, but it does provide a proper goodbye to the tortured Jesse Pinkman while letting audiences momentarily see a lot of beloved supporting “Breaking Bad” characters.



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