Campus jobs are one way for students to offset tuition, room and board, and fees while attending college. Each Wartburg College student will pay around $53,210 for one year of tuition, room and board on campus according to While working on campus, students are paid monthly
in most cases. Campus jobs can also help students in developing and enhancing work habits and skill sets.

“One of the biggest things I think with having a job on campus helps me with managing my time with everything that I have going on.” Ben Underwood, fourth-year history and international relations double-major,

“With me having practices, working in the mensa and having homework all the time. I have really learned how to manage all of that and still be able to have a little bit of free time.”

When applying for a position on campus, there are certain criteria that students need to meet for an application to be accepted by the employment office.

“The most important thing that I think a student will need for a job on campus is the willingness to learn and be open to trying new things, just be impromptu showing up on time.” Abbie Raum, Student Employment Coordinator, said.

“By having these qualities, students will be able to have a successful and fun time when working.” Students have several options on campus to choose from in terms of employment.

“The students are responsible for finding their own job on campus,”
Raum said. “We try to help them find something of interest to them.”

By being employed on campus, students are able to learn many
skill sets that may assist in future employment, or with homework. Some students work in town at fast food restaurants, gas stations or grocery stores.

However, working off campus may cause time management issues for students.

“They [campus employers] work with your schedule and if you aren’t able to come in due to something that came up in a class, they are fine with that,” Lexi Retz, a third-year psychology major, said. “With off campus employers, it is harder for them to understand the situations that might be happening in class and needing time off to fix the problem that you may be having.”

The University of Dubuque also offers campus employment, from the cafeteria to the information desk. Dubuque’s tuition is $45,780, according to Admission/Costs/.

“My friends are still able to get enough hours in for work as well, so that they make some money to put toward their tuition,” Nyla Kahl, a second-year business administration major at the University of Dubuque, said. “I have thought about trying to get a job on my campus but for me personally
I just do not have the time that I need at the moment to have a job on campus.”

Knightlink is a program for students to apply for on campus employment.

For more information on campus employment, go to



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