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Wartburg student has expressed interest in creating a Muslim Student Association (MSA).


Wartburg student has expressed interest in creating a Muslim Student Association (MSA).

“The goal of MSA is to address Muslim needs first, make them feel
more comfortable to practice their faith, but also to encourage interfaith discussions through hosting different events, hosting panels with people of different faiths,” Jouie Jinnah, a fourth-year business administration and accounting double-major from eSwatini, said.

MSA is currently undergoing administrative papers to become an established organization. MSA is the first potential non-Christian faith-based student organization at Wartburg College, and it will be open to anyone interested in learning about the Muslim community on campus and have interreligious dialogues.

“Having that idea for future generations that if they’re interested or feel more comfortable there’s a concrete space established for them where they can join and practice their faith,” Jinnah said.

Wartburg has been very supportive of the Muslim community
at the college, according to Jinnah. During Ramadan, a Muslim month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community, Diers House, a property owned by the college, has been open for use by Muslim students, staff and faculty.

“One of the most important things the ELCA has been good at is embracing interfaith conversation and recognizing that our neighbors from different faith traditions bring wonderful gifts to our communities,” Beckstrom said. “It gives us an opportunity to build support, spirituality, and it also gives us an opportunity to learn from one another.”

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