Wartburg College Security on Oct. 1 released the 2019-2020 annual campus security and fire safety report.

The report includes information that is required by the Clery Act, which is a federal law that requires any college or university that receives federal funding to compile and report all campus crime statistics and security information, according to Clery Center.

“Wartburg must keep a record of certain crimes that happen on campus, along with ones that are within Wartburg’s area where students may reside,” Jay Tommasin, director of campus security and safety, said.

If a student, faculty or staff member of Wartburg travels outside of campus for a schoolrelated reason and are involved in an incident, Tommasin said each must be reported to be considered a Clery reportable incident.

The report included information from the past three years about various incidents that happen on campus or where Wartburg students reside. The report also includes incidents such as burglary, a number of reporte arrests and fire statistics.

Some incidents are not reported to the Clery, such as if a student burned a bag of popcorn and set off the smoke alarm. Wartburg Security does keep track of all incidents reported to double check what is classified as Clery reportable.

“Anytime we enter an incident into our computer system, the
ones which need to be reported to Cleary are red flagged,” Tommasin
said. “But we also keep in our own office on our own spreadsheets what classifies as Clery reportable incidents so we can make sure at the end of the year to make sure or computer and documents have the same numbers.”

Tommasin said students should not only review the report to be aware of Wartburg’s statistics, but also to know the policies of the college.

“It talks about all our policies,” Tommasin said. “Most students probably have no idea the amount of information that is involved like the statistics but the policies and procedures of Wartburg that are involved the whole report.”

To view the full report and
Wartburg’s policies, go to info.
wartburg.edu/Portals/0/ Security/



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