Homecoming Trumpet Trumpet News



Wartburg College will host an annual homecoming and family worship at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 13 in Neumann Auditorium.

The service will be led by Reverend Brian Beckstrom, Dean of spiritual life and campus ministry for the campus. This year’s service marks the 25th anniversary of the chapel and will feature Larry Trachte and Ramona Bouzard,former campus pastors, to help lead the service.

“Wartburg has only had three campus pastors in its history. To be able to have all of us together leading worship is a really special opportunity,” Beckstrom said. “Larry and Ramona built an amazing foundation for ministry on campus that Rebecca and I are fortunate to have inherited.”

During the service, performances from musical performance groups such as the Wartburg Symphonic Band, Wartburg Choir, Castle Singers and more. Students, faculty and staff assist in the service by reading, serving communion and ushering. Beckstrom invites all to attend communion.

“The Back to the Burg theme epitomizes Homecoming worship. It’s amazing to look out and so many generations of alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the college worshipping together. Homecoming worship is a big undertaking,” Beckstrom said.

For those who cannot be at Wartburg for the service, stream it live at

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