The only source of light is the lava lamp, green goo illuminated by a light bulb and wrapped up in sunset orange plastic. The window is cracked open, and the chirping of night insects are mixed with the relaxed beats of Justy, a relatively new contemporary artist out of New York.

While there are only a mere three singles to her discography, there is a bit of diversity. Starting with her first 2018 single “Insecure,” the track features atmospheric, sustained arpeggios on a clean guitar that stands as the fortification for some low-fi beats.

All of this backs smooth vocal lines reminiscent of jazz standards both old and new. The vocals even lean toward the style of rap at times. In 2018, Justy released her next single, “Try.” The guitar fades away and is replaced by jazzier themes.

The smooth beats are complemented by suave vocals and keyboard melodies. The chorus has a backing melody that is melancholy yet curiously optimistic, thanks to the contrast of the vocals. “L8r” is Justy’s most recent single, released earlier in 2019. The song builds on the jazz style of “Try” with interesting bass lines underneath, simple beats and riffs that all mix to create very relaxing music.

The vocals are very similar to her other songs, which is not a bad thing. However, the song seemed to end abruptly, something that could have been changed with a smoother extension of the instrumental. Each track is fairly similar but also different.

The verses and chorus alternate until a sort of rap segment. With the similarity in structure comes a similarity in concept, however there were still different executions.

While two songs are more jazz-oriented, the other song is less so, mainly due to the arpeggiating guitar. Compared to modern contemporary and jazz acts, Justy has potential.

Although there are moments where the music can be improved either structurally or otherwise, the material that she has out now is a great starting place. After a long day at a mentally or physically draining activity or job, Justy is one of those artists you put on for the ride home.



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