Wartburg College’s choral music program is home to seven choirs, including treble, bass and mixed choirs. Included in the choirs are Rosenchor and Festeburg. Rosenchor and Festeburg feature members of St. Elizabeth’s Chorale and Ritterchor, respectively.

Both are auditioned groups on campus. “When you are just working with 12 or 13 people, you are able to get to know them better and make connections with them,” Jennifer Greve, a third-year music education and music therapy double-major, said. “It ends up being something I get to look forward to every week, I get to make music with them and know they’re my friends.”

Rosenchor is an a cappella, treble chamber choir featuring voices ranging from high soprano to low alto whose members are from St. Elizabeth’s Chorale.

Rosenchor offers treble singers at Wartburg an opportunity to sing with a small group as opposed to a large choir. “It’s really nice to be surrounded
by girls with the same vision,” Greve said.

Rosenchor performs in a candlelight vigil each year as well as a concert during the winter semester. The ensemble also performs at several off-campus locations around the Cedar Valley.

Festeburg, similarly to Rosenchor, is a small bass choir ranging from high tenor to low bass, made up of members from Ritterchor. Festeburg also offers choral students a different experience from that of a larger choir.

“The brotherhood that is Festeburg is something quite
special to me and I enjoy pushing myself to become a better musician around guys who support me through the process,” Levi Capesius, a third-year music education and vocal performance double-major, said.

“We are brothers who come together with a common goal to make beautiful
music and have fun while doing it.” The choir also performs at many on and off-campus events.

For more information about Rosenchor, contact Greve at, for more information about Festeburg, contact Capesius at levi.capesius@



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